My favorite EVERYTHING in Disneyland (mostly) I can find in the New Orleans Square area  … Pirates of the Caribbean, Blue Bayou (MY restaurant ;)), and The Haunted Mansion.  Plus the Indiana Jones ride and Splash Mountain are a short jaunt away. Woot! I love love love super-love the Mint Juleps at Disneyland and make sure I get at least… Read more →

Hump Day Happiness :D

I actually think about this pretty frequently. I think sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves to be a certain way or maybe we feel the pressure from those around us to conform. As a mom, I feel like I have to conform to how the “good moms” are behaving and raising their children. What’s weird about that is… Read more →


Please welcome my amazing and beautiful inside and out cousin, Steph Budoff! She is guest posting about meditation and how it has helped her immensely and an easy how-to explanation. Enjoy! I used to have a busy mind. A busy busy busy mind. On the outside, I would appear very calm, very still, very quiet. People have even told me… Read more →

My favorite smoothie!

My hubs actually instroduced me to my favorite smoothie. I was resistant at first because it had chocolate syrup in it and I was thinking, “how is that healthy?” Lol. I’ve tweaked it to the way I like it and I’ll share it here.  Pam’s Favorite PB/Choc/Banana Smoothie INGREDIENTS 2 packages frozen Dole Banana Dippers (frozen dark chocolate dipped banana… Read more →

Micro needling

I have had really great results using a micro needle roller on my naughty skin. So, the basic idea behind using this type of product is that is causes damage to the dermal layers (tiny pin pokes) and your skin has to heal or heal again from the intrusion. The skin begins to produce collagen and elastin in order to… Read more →

Coconut Oil Pulling

Oil Whatting, you say? My first experiment is going to be oil pulling with organic coconut oil. I have tried oil pulling before, but I am sort of the definition of Inconsistent. Just sayin. So I did not take before and after pictures or pay attention to what was happening with my body when I tried before. Some of the… Read more →

Come to Mother Earth

Do you ever have “come to Jesus” moments? Well, I don’t.  Apparently I have “come to mother earth” moments. Here’s how it happened … My husband and I were on a boat taking us out to a reef in Cancun to snorkel with his dad and step-mom and brother-in-law (I claim them all and love them to pieces!) So, the… Read more →

Sooo …

Okay, sooo … one of my favorite things to do is to write. To write and write and write. I wrote an ebook in fact, a contemporary romance to be exact … check it out!  It’s only 99 cents and you can see what goes through my head, (sometimes anyway, lol)   Another thing I LOVE is finding natural alternatives to just… Read more →